About Us

Aurora Hostel is located in the building of the former Turkish Consulate which was built in the mid-19th century by an Ottoman Agha who’s name was not mentioned in Cibir – kaptjana mahala of that time.

After the liberation of Nis from the Ottoman Empire 1878 the owner of the building ceded it to Turkish Government which established its consulate in it. The building had five rooms, central hall and large veranda. The ceilings were curved in the manner of the original oriental ornaments which were especially rich on the veranda.

In 1890 the consulate stopped its activities and the building was used for administrative and housing purposes. After the World War II it was completely abandoned. The building was inadequately protected in 1988 and the consequence of it was its collapse in 1995.

During 2011 it was completely reconstructed and it regained its original state. The interior has been adapted for accommodation.

Aurora Hostel has been situated in this building since 2012.

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